Belgian-Percheron gelding born 2013.  Rusty and his brother, Red, came to Tally-Ho in 2022 from Southern Alberta where they did chores on a large ranch.  These beautiful horses have a rare coloring called ‘red roan’, where they have an even number of white hairs and ‘red’ hairs on the body, while the head, lower legs, mane and tail are a solid reddish color.  The body of horses with roan coloring will change color throughout the year, ranging from a light red/white in the spring/summer to a dark red in the fall/winter.

Rusty came to us with mild lameness in one of his feet, and is now under the care of our veterinarian and farriers who have designed a corrective shoeing program for him.  He won’t start his training program until we can resolve his biomechanical issue, which is expected to take about 6 months.  Until he is sound, Rusty is living at the barn, where he has somewhat limited space.  He has become buddies with our little Welsh pony, Jazz, who thinks Rusty is pretty great!  In the short term, we are working on groundwork with Rusty, who can be a little pushy sometimes.  We are excited to see him recover, and his confidence build as he looks forward to new experiences and fun games.