Belgian gelding born 2017.  Remi joined the Tally-Ho herd in Spring 2022, travelling all the way from Ontario.  He’s been an absolute delight to watch settle in, make new friends, and get into mischief!  He is learning the skills of a carriage horse and moving through our horse development program quickly.  In his first season he showed a true love for the work of a carriage horse: the workload is very light for his massive size, so that was easy; but where we see him really shine is with all the love and attention he receives every day from not only his staff, but his new-found, adoring public!  As with every new horse we work with, Remi was matched with only one partner/driver to ensure he was given consistency and security each day – a  combination that best sets him up for a happy and successful career. (Tally-Ho’s Manager, Brianna, quickly “claimed” him as her’s for the summer!)  Remi started his first season doing our Sea Cider tours in the quieter neighborhood of Saanichton.  He managed this with grace and confidence, so was then introduced to tours in Victoria.  His first season was a great success and we are looking forward to watching his skills develop!