Belgian-Percheron gelding born 2012.  Red and his brother Rusty came to Tally-Ho in 2022 from Southern Alberta where they did chores on a large ranch.  These beautiful horses have a rare coloring called ‘red roan’, where they have an even number of white hairs and ‘red’ hairs on the body, while the head, lower legs, mane and tail are a solid reddish color.  The body of horses with roan coloring will change color throughout the year, ranging from a light red/white in the spring/summer to a dark red in the fall/winter.

Red began his training at Tally-Ho in the Spring of 2023, where he joined Remi and Sampson as a 3-abreast team training to pull the Victoria Fire Department’s 1899 steam pumper in the Victoria Day parade (May 22, 2023).  This fully functional, historical steam pump weighs 10,000 lbs, and the horses must be in top condition to safely pull it the parade route.  Red has been an absolute rock star!  As soon as he is harnessed, his attitude turns to ‘work mode’ and he does his job exceedingly well.

At rest on the farm, Red is master of his paddock with his fellow horses, yet a bit of a shy boy with new people.   But, once he trusts his people, his kind eyes and affectionate personality shine through, making him easy to handle and a joy to be around.