Clydesdale gelding born 2011.

Ozzie joined the Tally-Ho team in June, 2022, after spending a few years with our trainer, Ed, in Chetwynd, BC.  In actual fact, he was a horse Ed bought for himself and it took us a few years to convince Ed to sell him to us (where Ed can visit as often as he likes!).  One of Ozzie’s most endearing traits is his massive moustache!  It’s impressive to watch him use it to scoop any bits of remaining grain into a nice little pile, making it much easier to eat.  LOL.

Ozzie is an incredibly kind, loving horse, who is friends with all his herd-mates and is always eager for his humans to shower him with love and affection.  He really needed no additional training when he came to us, and completed his first season as a carriage horse with ease, comfort and enjoyment.  So much so that he has now been in a couple of movie shoots and is a fan-favorite for weddings.  At home, he and Red have become besties and it’s a rare moment when the two of them aren’t playing in their paddock together.

During the 1960s and early 1970s, breed numbers dwindled and in 1975, the Clydesdale was categorized by the Rare Breed Survival Trust as “vulnerable” to extinction. Over the years and with the increase in breed numbers, it is now categorized as “at risk”.  In 2010 the worldwide population was estimated to be 5,000.