Clydesdale gelding born 2007. Spot came to Tally-Ho in 2015 and is one of our most reliable horses.  He has very kind eyes and the sweetest demeanor; and is always seeking love and attention from his humans (which we’re all-too-happy to provide!).  He was a show-winning halter horse as a baby, and continues to turn heads when he’s decked out in his ribbons and harness.  Spot has earned his Level 4 (Expert) in our horse development program and is often chosen to star in special events (weddings, movies, etc.) as he loves new experiences and settles in quickly to any new surroundings.


The Clydesdale horse is listed on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust list as a species vulnerable to extinction.  In 2010 the worldwide population was estimated to be 5,000.