Almost every year Tally-Ho will welcome home a new horse into our training program.  Most of our horses have been worked on farms, in teams, and sometimes have been exposed to a parade or small-town gathering.  In our environment, they must learn about a much larger world around them:  while traffic and large trucks never seem to phase them, it’s the blue recycling box on the side of the road that wasn’t there yesterday that may actually appear scary.

All our horses come fully trained for driving, and then we assess their mental and emotional fitness levels to see if they will enjoy the work of a single carriage horse. If the horse enjoys the work, then he/she is much more likely to be safe and trustworthy.  A Tally-Ho horse must regularly and reliably demonstrate that they are comfortable in their surroundings (relaxed body language, attentiveness, confidence), enjoy human contact (a LOT of human contact as they are treated like celebrities while working in the public!), and happily partake in new experiences (enjoy being exposed to the world around them).  It takes a special horse, and we are so lucky to have great people helping us find these gems throughout British Columbia and Alberta!

Periodically we will have horses that show they simply don’t love the job.  If they don’t love it, we will work to ensure we find them something they DO love.

Due to the onset of the worldwide COVID-19 health pandemic, we expect that our operations will be closed for our entire 2020 season.  We are offering the following horses for sale at this time so they can continue to grow and find the right job.

Serious inquiries only please, and all sales will be only to approved homes.

Please contact us for further information at


Breed:  Percheron

Sex:  Gelding

Age:  10 (2010)

Height:  ~17’3″

Weight:  ~2,300 lbs

Titan is a show-stopping Percheron, with a personality that quickly won our hearts.  He adores people, has good ground manners, is respectful to work with and has some basic natural horsemanship training.

We bought Titan from auction in 2017 and started working with him on the ground and under saddle, where he did really well (noting he’s still more adept at voice commands then leg commands).  As we transitioned him to a single carriage we noticed he would get quite nervous when hooking.  With the right driver/partner, he settles in quickly.  He would do best in an environment with a strong driver (not for newbies), or where he could gain confidence as part of a team.

He ties, bathes and loads easily. He’s been barefoot, and also worked in steal shoes. He’s up to date on all shots and worming; and has had no health issues since we’ve had him and according to his previous owner.

Titan is currently located in Chetwynd, BC.


Breed:  Percheron

Sex:  Gelding

Age:  11 (2009)

Height:  ~17’1″

Weight:  ~2,100 lbs

Max has rock-star good looks with his long flowing mane and tail.  He’s a great sized horse for carting and/or riding; and has kind eyes and a people-pleasing personality.  He’s small but mighty and is always the kingpin in his herd.

He has a great foundation in natural horsemanship, wonderful ground manners, ties, bathes and loads easily; he is soft to drive and very responsive; and has had no health issues since we’ve had him or according to his previous owner.

We bought Max in early 2018 and he worked as a single carriage horse in Victoria from May until August that year.  When our busy season got really busy, we could see Max start to have moments where his confidence would wane so we reduced his workload.  We have driven him on quieter roads since then and worked to develop his confidence under saddle; however due to our business being closed for likely the full 2020 season, and lack of time to give him the right training for further work in an more urban environment, we have decided to offer Max for sale.

Max is currently located in Chetwynd, BC.


Breed:  Shire (registered)

Sex:  Gelding

Age:  12 (2008)

Height:  ~18’1″

Weight:  ~2,200 lbs

Duke came to us in late 2019 from a herd dispersal sale in Smithers, BC.  We haven’t had much time to put into him yet, and due to our current closure, we know we won’t have time for him in the near future.  It is in his best interest to find a good home and job.

His previous owner advised that he was very nice to drive in team (has not driven single to our knowledge); has been to the fair a few times; and pulled a sleigh for a few winters.  He’s never been shod.  Like his dam, he is really level headed.

Duke is currently located in Chetwynd, BC.  The teamster who has worked with him through the winter notes he is a very nice horse to work around with a good mind.  He can be difficult to bridle so will require additional patience and training to overcome this.


Breed:  Percheron

Sex:  Gelding

Age:  22 (1998)

Height:  ~17’2″

Weight:  ~2,000 lbs

Ace has been a wonderful addition to our herd, coming to us with a great background in team work and quickly adapting to single carriage work.  We have nicknamed him ‘Fabio’ for his long, luxurious mane and tail.

Ace worked as a carriage horse for two years before coming up with mystery lameness that despite our best efforts (and many vet visits) we have not been able to resolve.  He is sound at a walk, but not beyond that.  He has not worked since 2018 and we are finally resigning ourselves to the idea that it will be in his best interest to rehome him with someone who can spend quality time with him as their companion.

He is a busy boy by nature, eager to do things and move!  He is very true to the old addage of what you put out, you get back – if you are kind and patient, he returns your actions with gentleness and softness.  He has been schooled in natural horsemanship and bathes, loads, ties, trailers, etc., easily.  He gets along well with other horses (a middle-of-the-pack kind of guy in the hierarchy).  He is up to date on all health vaccines and worming.  Due to his busy nature and size, we would say he’s not a horse for beginners.

We are looking for a retirement home for Ace, where he will be a companion horse only.  He is not suitable for draft horse work/pulling, although is a candidate for training as a pleasure horse for very light riding (we have not ridden him).

Please contact us for further details.  Ace is located in Victoria, BC.