Almost every year Tally-Ho will welcome home a new horse into our training program.  Most of our horses have been worked on farms, in teams, and sometimes have been exposed to a parade or small-town gathering.  In our environment, they must learn about a much larger world around them:  while traffic and large trucks never seem to phase them, it’s the blue recycling box on the side of the road that wasn’t there yesterday that may actually appear scary.

All our horses come fully trained for driving, and then we assess their mental and emotional fitness levels to see if they will enjoy the work of a single carriage horse. If the horse enjoys the work, then he/she is much more likely to be safe and trustworthy.  A Tally-Ho horse must regularly and reliably demonstrate that they are comfortable in their surroundings (relaxed body language, attentiveness, confidence), enjoy human contact (a LOT of human contact as they are treated like celebrities while working in the public!), and happily partake in new experiences (enjoy being exposed to the world around them).  It takes a special horse, and we are so lucky to have great people helping us find these gems throughout British Columbia and Alberta!

Periodically we will have horses that show they simply don’t love the job.  If they don’t love it, we will work to ensure we find them something they DO love.

Tally-Ho does not have any horses for sale at this time.

If you love horses and you’d love to help us out, please consider sponsoring one of our horses.