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A History of the Domestication of Horses

How the Mutually Beneficial Coexistence of Horses and Humans Prevented Extinction Horses have been a constant companion to mankind for over six thousand years, although, over the years, the nature of the relationship has changed. From originally being seen as primarily a source of food, the domestication of horses saved them from extinction and contributed […]

Managing Carriage Horses in Extreme Weather

How Tally-Ho Cares for Our Horses When it is Very Cold, Hot or Smoky At Tally-Ho, the care and well-being of our horses always come first, and that includes looking after them properly when we experience extreme weather conditions. On the west coast of Canada, our extremes tend to be in terms of rainfall. However, […]

Top 15 Things to Do in Victoria

What to Do, What to Eat and Where to Stay in Victoria Victoria, Canada, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. With its stunning landscapes and incredible attractions, it’s no wonder that so many people are drawn to this charming city on Vancouver Island. If you’re planning a visit, here’s a list […]

Tally-Ho Horse Care 101

How We Make Outstanding Horse Care Our Top Priority A big part of horse care, no matter what they do or where they live, lies in having access to a good equine vet and a caring family.  Whether down on the farm or pulling carriages on city streets, caring for a horse’s health is just […]

A History of How Work Horses Have Helped Humans Over the Ages

A History of Horses Timeline  For many animal lovers, work horses are revered as the world’s most majestic creatures. In fact, the working horse has often been referred to as the most indispensable gentle giant in the history of human development.  Throughout history, whether these work horses pulled armoured centurions around a battle arena or […]

A Day in the Life of a Tally-Ho Working Horse

How Work Horses Enjoy Daily Living  There’s something magical about seeing majestic heavy draft horses in action. These historical working horse breeds have done many important jobs over the years and are still active to this day, although you are more likely to see them pulling a cart of sightseers than working the land. If […]

Horse Brasses: How to Identify Them and What They Mean

The History and Present Use of Horse Brasses If you have ever watched a parade of horses, you’ve likely seen horse brasses on the leather straps that attach the horses to the carriage they are pulling. Brasses are most commonly seen in use on draft and cart horses.  A Brief History of Horse Brasses Unless […]

A Day in the Life of a Horse Carriage Driver

What it Takes to Drive a Horse and Carriage Maybe you’ve passed by a horse-drawn carriage on the busy streets of downtown Victoria, BC, or maybe you’ve watched a pair of horses with a fancy Landau, carrying a newly married bride and groom.  Perhaps you’ve looked at the person perched at the front of the […]

All About Tack: Why Horses Wear What They Do

What Tack is Used When Riding Vs Pulling a Carriage? Whenever you see a horse with a rider or pulling a carriage, you will notice that it is wearing various straps and harnesses, known collectively as tack. Horse tack is used to help the rider or driver communicate with the horse and ensures both are […]