Emily has been passionate about horses since day 1, and when she was little, instead of asking to get a horse as a gift for Christmas, she asked to BECOME a horse.  Given these wishes weren’t granted, she began taking riding lessons and attending horseback-riding summer camps when she was 11 years old near Cochrane, Alberta.  Through these lessons, Emily learned about horsemanship, English riding techniques, and enjoyed learning how to jump!  Emily continued riding through to the end of high school.  She moved to Victoria for university, and has continued riding casually throughout the past four years.  It has been a lifelong dream of hers to have a job where she gets to work with horses on a daily basis, and this job is fulfilling that dream.


Tara’s experience with horses began when she was a teenage volunteer providing Therapeutic Riding lessons. During university she worked part time at an Equine Veterinary Hospital in Alberta where she gained more valuable knowledge and experience with horses. In 2017, Tara drove teams of horses for winter events in Edmonton, Alberta; and in 2018, she came to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, where she began driving carriages for Tally-Ho. Tara quickly bonded with “Clay” and through the 2018 season she gently helped him boost his confidence and comfort in all of his surroundings. Tara says what she loves most about Tally-Ho “is the family atmosphere created by both employees and horses. Although the horses do not personally belong to all staff, it is undeniable that the horses are unconditionally loved as if they were our own. I also love the feeling of honor I get when giving tours to people who travel from all over the world to see this beautiful city… it truly does feel like royalty”.


Shannon started with Tally-Ho as a carriage driver in 2018. Shannon competed as an English Show Jumper with Hunter Green Stables in Victoria; and has a strong background in safety and risk management. Shannon enjoys spending time outside with her beautiful daughter; meeting people from all over the world; and building strong relationships with the horses and humans at Tally-Ho. She say her favourite horse is “Spot” because he “reminds me of a young child – he is lovely and cuddly but not afraid to tell you what he thinks.”


Randy has driven both team wagons and single carriages in Victoria for 22 years. He has worked with and started over 65 draft horses downtown – more than anyone else in our local industry! As our “been there, done that” guy, Randy has been Tally-Ho’s media spokesperson, a ticket-seller, new-driver trainer and he managed the downtown operations from 2007 to 2012. His wealth of knowledge about horses and our beautiful city has earned him rave reviews from our guests. His favorite horse is “Bud” (who he started 2002); they have formed a special bond and seem to be soul-mates. Long-term, Randy hopes to retire with Bud and “ride into the sunset” together. Randy is a talented musician/singer and has quite the fan club in Victoria!


Lea has been working for Tally-Ho since 2016 and is our only tour guide fluent in German. Lea has trained and owns her horse, “Lana” with whom she competes at the amatuer level of dressage. We are so proud of her accomplishments and will remain her biggest fans as she progresses to her goal of competing at the Grand Prix (olympic) level. She has mentored and supported two of our new horses, “Apollo” and “Jinx”, to further refine their skills and build their confidence as single carriage horses. Apollo still remains one of her favourite horses at Tally-Ho because of his personality (loves to work, and does it on his terms). She is currently going to school to become a border security officer as well as a dressage coach. She says she will always have horses in her life.


Kelly first started with Tally-Ho in 2014 as a carriage driver. For the past two years Kelly has lived in Taiwan, enjoying the atmosphere, and writing. We’re so proud of her as she’s become a published author! In 2019 Kelly is returning to Tally-Ho as a part-time carriage driver to regain “the great sense of community, family, and loyalty among the company.” Kelly’s favorite horse is “Bud” for his goofy, tough guy personality.


Kayla started with Tally-Ho in 2017 and is fluent in Spanish. Her kind, caring nature benefits both all her team-mates and the horses. In 2019 Kayla graduated with her degree in Chinese Medicine (acupuncture), and the Tally-Ho team is already putting her skills to good use! Kayla grew up as a ranch girl and has lots of passion for what she does. Her favorite horses to work with are “King” and “Max”. King was the first horse she was introduced to at Tally-Ho, and Kayla says “his spirit felt SO similar to a horse I grew up with called Driller… I always feel like King is looking after me, just like Driller did when I was little.” Her newest favorite is Max, who was added to the Tally-Ho herd in 2018: she says he is a “cheeky devil” who stole her heart.


Elliott was welcomed into the Tally-Ho family in 2018 as a barn-hand and carriage driver. He been around horses since he was 4 and competed in a number of different areas such as show jumping, team penning, barrel racing, and gymkhana. Elliott enjoys spending his time with his favorite horses, Clay and Apollo, who both have distinct personalities and unwavering work ethics. Elliott “loves his beautiful office” (at the corner of Belleville and Menzies streets in downtown Victoria), and meeting people from all over the world. In the long term, Elliott will pursue a career with horses, including guiding on a dude ranch.


Dave is a long-time member of the carriage industry, starting in 1973 with his own horses doing private events in Alberta and British Columbia. He is a skilled driver and entertaining tour guide, aided by his varied background, including becoming a certified farrier, unofficial yet highly skilled wheelwright, history buff, operations manager, etc. Dave has worked for various carriage operations in Victoria, and we are deeply honored that he feels that “Tally-ho is a CLASS ACT..especially first class personnel, management best practices, horses, tack, equipment, barn, presentation, and public relations”. Dave’s goal is to “be the oldest driver to ever drive for Tally-Ho…85 is my target, but not my limit. I work out in my gym especially hard so I can be fit for the job”.


Courtney started at Tally-Ho in 2018 and has been keen to learn multiple aspects of the business, ranging from carriage driving, to sales, to barn-hand and getting her heavy hauling endorsement on her driver’s licence so she can safely transport the horses to and from work. Courtney has worked at many different barns and been riding/competing for over 10 years. She presently owns a horse who she does high level liberty work with, and a dog who loves coming to the farm for a day of play. Courtney has worked at a lot of barns and has “never seen such love and devotion of care that goes into Tally-Ho, from the drivers to the horses and everything in-between”.