Kayla started with Tally-Ho in 2017 and is fluent in Spanish. Her kind, caring nature benefits both all her team-mates and the horses. In 2019 Kayla graduated with her degree in Chinese Medicine (acupuncture), and the Tally-Ho team is already putting her skills to good use! Kayla grew up as a ranch girl and has lots of passion for what she does. Her favorite horses to work with are “King” and “Max”. King was the first horse she was introduced to at Tally-Ho, and Kayla says “his spirit felt SO similar to a horse I grew up with called Driller… I always feel like King is looking after me, just like Driller did when I was little.” Her newest favorite is Max, who was added to the Tally-Ho herd in 2018: she says he is a “cheeky devil” who stole her heart.