Clydesdale gelding born 2016.  Maverick (“Mav”) joined our herd of beautiful Clydesdales in 2023, coming all the way from Saskatchewan.  For the first few months, he was periodically sore on his front feet, but under the amazing care of our veterinarian and farriers, Mav is healing nicely and becoming consistently sound.  Starting in 2024, Mav will begin his training to become a carriage horse in Victoria, and we are pretty sure he’s going to sail through the levels as he’s already shown that he is calm, confident and happy when working.

On the farm, Maverick is easy going and gets along well with all his herd-mates.  He was pretty shy when he first came to us, but has quickly learned that daily love and affection is pretty nice!

The Clydesdale horse is listed on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust list as a species vulnerable to extinction.  In 2010 the worldwide population was estimated to be 5,000.