one of our shire horses: Belle

Shire mare, born 2005.  We first met Belle at our local agricultural fair in 2014, where she formed part of a 4-up hitch, along with Maggie, Annie and Button.  When the owner of these beautiful mares decided to retire in 2021, we were happily humbled to be entrusted with their long-term care!

Belle and her well-matched teammate, Button, love to work and work hard they will!  If you think raw-horse-power, these two ladies have it!  At Tally-Ho Belle will expand her knowledge into the areas of natural horsemanship, and learn a new speed – slow!  Belle is a confident mare and we know she is loving her new, adoring fans as she transitions to her work as a single carriage horse.

The Shire horse is listed on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust list as a species vulnerable to extinction.  In 2016 there were fewer than 1,500 registered worldwide.