Shire mare, born 2011.  We first met Annie at our local agricultural fair in 2014, where she formed part of a 4-up hitch, along with Maggie, Button and Belle.  When the owner of these beautiful mares decided to retire in 2021, we were happily humbled to be entrusted with their long-term care!  Annie has settled in quickly to her new home and we are watching her slightly shy nature start to dissipate as she starts to trust us.  Annie took to single carriage horse work easily and happily, and has been loving the ongoing love and affection she receives from her new local fan club!

Annie is a registered bay Shire mare.  Taylor Shires Annie was bred, born and raised on the Saanich Peninsula by Keith Taylor (Taylor Farms).  This lucky lady had a wonderful upbringing and we will do our best to continue her top-notch care and develop our own special bond with her!

The Shire horse is listed on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust list as a species vulnerable to extinction.  In 2016 there were fewer than 1,500 registered worldwide.