Bruce has been with Tally-Ho since 1964, and was an owner for almost 30 years. Bruce has held many roles over the years and we are excited to welcome Bruce back every season as our key ticket salesman – he tells the best stories and customers love his tales of travel! Bruce is a cornerstone of the Tally Ho team and all the staff members love seeing his smiling face every weekday morning. Take the time to meet him while visiting Victoria… you are guaranteed to have a great time!


Brittany quickly made a name for herself as a gold-star ticket seller after she came on board in 2015. Brittany’s ability to stay organized and helpful on some of the busiest nights while still ensuring excellent customer service has made her an invaluable member of the Tally Ho team. Her favorite horse is Sarge and her favorite thing about Tally Ho is being able to direct visitors to the best aspects of the city.


Amy’s love for draft horses started 15 years ago when she bought a two year old Clydesdale X named Katie Thunderhooves. Amy’s horse Katie looks much like Sarge, who she has a huge soft spot for. Amy joined the Tally Ho team in 2015 and says her favorite thing about the job is the camaraderie between the drivers and the horses that develops.


Alex’s love of horses grew through eventing and a long friendship with her naughty Arab-cross mare, Rosie, before starting with Tally-Ho in 2014. Her favourite thing about Tally-Ho is having workmates (of both species) who feel more like family than colleagues. She spent the winter of 2015 driving carriages in Melbourne, Australia and is excited to apply her newfound knowledge in Victoria. She is pictured here with Tommy in Summer 2015.