Caitlyn has been with Tally-Ho for two seasons.  She is well known for her bright smile, quick humor and unbridled enthusiasm about working with a new horse to Tally-Ho named  Jinx.  She’s been riding horses since she was three years old and has her own horse called Khalista.


Brianna is part of the Friedlander family that has owned and operated Tally-Ho Carriage Tours for over 30 years.  Since she could walk, Bri has been passionate about the horses and the business.  She was with her beloved dad, Larry, every chance she got while he went through his daily chores.  She became Tally-Ho’s youngest sales person ever in early 2016, mentoring under Bruce; and then moved on to officially becoming a carriage driver later that season where she got to expand her time with her beloved horses.  Brianna is involved in all aspects of the business, from care of the horses at the farm, to the downtown operations where all our hard work behind the scenes culminates into a bucket list adventure for our guests.


Sean has spent nearly 20 years working with the carriages in downtown Victoria, and now works as a ticket seller. Sean has two horses at home, one of which is a 20 year old gelding named Cruz he rescued from the feedlots in Washington State in 2015. Sean’s favorite thing about Tally-Ho is the friendships and family atmosphere. Even though he has lived in Victoria for 40 years, Sean is still a die-hard Edmonton Oilers fan!


Fran has been driving horses downtown since the early 1990’s and we are so thankful she will be joining us for another great season. Fran has one horse of her own, a miniature black stallion named Bunky who is 35 years old. You can catch Fran at the Saanich Fair sometimes driving the draft horses. Fran’s favorite thing about Tally Ho is the family atmosphere and says her favorite horse is Archie, but she loves them all!


Christine started driving carriages in 2008 and we welcomed her to the Tally Ho team in 2015. Not only is Christine a driver, but she is also a certified Equine Sports Therapist and says she is “very proud to work with all of the Tally-Ho horses throughout the season to ensure their optimal health and well-being, body, mind, and spirit together”. She is passionate about draft horses and is continually honing her equine communication skills.  Christine leads Tally-Ho’s staff and horse development programs.


Bruce has been with Tally-Ho since 1964, and was an owner for almost 30 years. Bruce has held many roles over the years and we are excited to welcome Bruce back every season as our key ticket salesman – he tells the best stories and customers love his tales of travel! Bruce is a cornerstone of the Tally Ho team and all the staff members love seeing his smiling face every weekday morning. Take the time to meet him while visiting Victoria… you are guaranteed to have a great time!