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Tally-Ho Carriage Tours is the oldest sightseeing tour company in Victoria. We offer experience and expertise with the most knowledgable drivers, well-cared for horses, and we’re a full-service carriage company. We guarantee you will feel part of our family. You deserve the best tour of Victoria.


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Treat someone to a magical carriage ride through beautiful downtown Victoria! All our tours are available as gift certificates.


Live like someone left the gate open!

Wide open space. Rolling hills. Amazing sunsets. Tranquility. This is the setting for 7 of our horses over the winter. They’ve been turned out in central British Columbia, where they are free to run, roam, play and relax.  Follow their adventures on our Facebook page!

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Do the horses love this job? YES!

We are often asked how we know that the horses love their jobs at Tally-Ho.  Horses have similar reactions to their environment as we (humans) do – if we are scared or nervous our eyes may get wide, we may start to shrink away from something, and/or we may stubbornly say “forget that idea!”.  In …

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7,000 Pounds of NEW Horse Power!

On February 19 we welcomed four new horses to the Tally-Ho family! These beauties will spend their first few weeks at the farm relaxing and getting to know their new buddies (read: sorting out the natural pecking order of the herd). Once they are settled in, we will start our process to prepare them for …

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